OCT 22, 2020 – Sad to hear Sierra Grille/Reanimate the Bay State is closing. It was one of the few venues in the area that booked The Dem and let us push volume at a small group of people. Many cool bands graced the-corner-that-was-not-a-stage. Many flyers photocopied. Many beers endrunkened. Many loud evenings captured with shaky, low-light video. Godspeed, et cetera.

The Demographic – Androgynous (Replacements cover live at Sierra Grille, 2012)

OCT 14, 2020After enormous pressure from our most dedicated psycho mega fans, we’ve finally given in and released this 5-minute supercut of terrible rehearsal cover song outtakes. https://youtu.be/daLBMqawZv0

MAY 28, 2020 Hey, Tom recorded a song for you.

You can purchase the track here:

This song and video would not have been possible without these fine Easthamptonites:
Luthier’s Co-op
Uncanny Audio

APRIL 23 — Here is a song from our forthcoming album HIATUS. It’s a little ditty about the planet dying called Hole In The Sea.

APRIL 14 The Demographic – “Letter” for the United Way Family Support Fund

Please consider contributing to support the Massachusetts United Way’s Covid-19 Family Support Fund. Working with a broad network of non-profit agencies throughout the region, The United Way offers cash assistance to families affected by the virus so they can meet their food, childcare and housing needs. https://unitedwaymassbay.org/covid-19/quarantunes/

The Demographic
Tom Pappalardo – vox & guitar
Sturgis Cunningham – drums & backing vox
Amara Cunningham on flute

LETTER (clean radio version): https://thedemographic.bandcamp.com/track/letter-radio-edit
LETTER (cussin’ album version): https://thedemographic.bandcamp.com/track/letter-2

MARCH 20 — Today (Friday 3/20) bandcamp is waiving their fees, meaning artists get 100% of sales. If you’ve been contemplating any albums from The Demographic, what a great day to download some mp3s. https://thedemographic.bandcamp.com/
I ( @tompappalardo ) also have two albums’ worth of 4-track/8-track stuff that is sorta fun.


MARCH 17— Here’s a taste of last St. Patrick’s Day, when we recorded basic tracks at @uncannyaudio with @marcseedorf on bass. I’d say the band is on hiatus right now but we’re always on hiatus, so fuck it. We’ve got a show booked in June and maybe it’ll happen. Everybody be well. #recording #easthampton #studio #roughmix #recordingstudio


JANUARY 22 — The Headliner video – released January 22, 2012. #musicvideo #consumerism #rocksong #rock


JANUARY 8 — #rockshow #mashup #warpigs #blacksabbath #beastieboys #nosleep


AUGUST 13, 2019 — This Thursday’s show is such a special occasion, we decided to rehearse.  #westernma #westernmass #rehearsal #jamroom #rockshow


JULY 16, 2019 — here’s a taste of an album which will probably take another year to finish heyyyoooo no big rush. w/ @tompappalardo @rsturgiscunningham @marcseedorf @uncannyaudio
#studio #recording


JULY 9 — Back in March, we did some recordin’ at @uncannyaudio  #studio  #timelapse  #drums  #setup #easthamptonma  #uncannyaudio


MAY 16 — The Demographic – Everyone Out (aka Break Your Heart) (basement demo)
#audio #rock #hardrock #demo #WIP #basementdemo #diy #albumpreview #thedem #westernmass #westernma


APRIL 17 — Here’s an excerpt of a music video I started working on in 2014 and never got around to finishing. I was trying to make the whole thing out of free bad business stock photos.


APRIL 4 — The Demographic – Descent (basement demo) #audio #rock #hardrock #demo #basementdemo #diy #albumpreview #thedem #westernmass #westernma