01/16/2020: w/ Immolators, picniclunch at Sierra Grille (N’ton)

10/25: Tom solo set at Luthier’s Co-op (E’ton)
08/15:  w/ Immolators at Sierra Grille
06/03: Tom solo set at The 413
03/01: w/ Walking Ghosts & Ex-Temper at 13th Floor (Florence, MA)

12/10: w/ Andyhasaband & Aaron Borucki at Bishop’s

06/08: w/ Colorway & Electric Eyes at Sierra Grille
06/03: w/ Ex-Temper & Cordelia’s Dad at 13th Floor Song Division (Florence)

12/29: Tom solo show at Luthier’s Co-op
11/28: w/ Half Ached & Aaron Borucki at Bishops Lounge
08/06: Tom solo show at Luthier’s Co-op
06/23: Luthier’s Co-op
05/23: w/ Half-Ached & Tommy Twilite at Bishops
02/26: Luthier’s Co-op
02/18: w/ Half Ached & True Believers at One Bar

10/31: Tom Solo show at Luthier’s Co-op
05/29: w/ Aloud & True Believers at 13th Floor (Florence)
05/25: Bishops Lounge
05/22: Shutesbury Athletic Club

12/19: Shutesbury Athletic Club
11/20: Luthier’s Co-op
10/16: w/ Spouse & My Goodness at Pearl Street
09/04: w/ Dave Houghton & Beach Honey at One Bar
07/31: Tom solo set at Sierra Grille’s Talking Sabbath tribute
07/17: w/ Spinster & Comma at Sierra Grille
07/11: Luthier’s Co-op
05/12: Bishops Lounge
05/02: w/ The Dire Honeys at The Parlor Room
04/27: Bishops Lounge
03/29: w/ Fancy Trash at The Elevens
03/27: w/ Mystics Anonymous live in-store at Turn It Up! (Northampton)
03/20: w/ The Nice Try & Comma at Sierra Grille
02/16: w/ The Dire Honeys at The Dream Away Lodge (Becket)
01/31: w/ The Dire Honeys at Cultural Center at Eagle Hill (Hardwick)
01/23: w/ Soft Powers at The Elevens

12/21: TT The Bear’s Place (Cambridge)
12/05: w/ The Dire Honeys & Leland Sundries at Sierra Grille
10/31: w/ Dust Witch, Mary Jane Jones, & Daniel Ouellette at Sierra Grille’s Halloween
10/05: w/ Christa Baroni & The Retroverts at Luthier’s Co-op
09/15: The Elevens
08/25: w/ Ghost Wolves & Young Tricksters at The Elevens
08/23: w/ Dire Honeys at Arts Block (Greenfield)
07/11: w/ Banditas & Bedroom Rehab Corporation at Sierra Grille
05/10: The Elevens (Northampton)
04/13: Luthier’s Co-op
02/25: w/ True Believers at Bishops Lounge
02/14: w/ The Claudia Malibu & The Warblers at Sierra Grille

11/16: The Elevens
10/25: w/ Dust Witch, Speedy Ortiz, Bunny’s A Swine, Hex Lovers at The Sierra Grille Halloween
10/22: w/ Deer Tick at Pearl Street Ballroom
07/12: w/ Alottle & Unicorn at Sierra Grille
06/01: The Basement
05/11: The Elevens
02/14: w/ Tigress at The Elevens

12/01: Sierra Grille
10/15: w/ Unicorn at The Wheelhouse (Greenfield)
08/10: w/ Powerblessings/Frustrations/Uphill at Flywheel
07/09: ROCKFEST (Greenfield)
06/14: Captain Nick’s (Block Island, RI)
04/04: live in-studio performance on Valley Homegrown (GCTV, Greenfield)
02/18: w/ Trucks at The Basement
01/06: Sierra Grille

02/21: Happy Valley Showdown Finals at The Elevens
01/24: Happy Valley Showdown at The Elevens (first show)