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Ruins (H)

Sad Satan (H)

Nowhere (IHU)

Hole In The Sea (H)

Wolves (H)

Ascent (H)

When I’m Dead (LC)

This Broken Place (VCC)

Letter (LC)

The Headliner (VCC)

Reducer (VCC)

Building Buildings (LC)

Ghosts Of The Lower Barometrics (LC)

Another Big Mistake (VCC recording session)

Cover Songs

Drain You (Nirvana/backyard acoustic)

Clampdown (The Clash/basement rehearsal)

Walk Away (Tom Waits, live at Luthier’s Co-op, 2013)

War Pigs/Beastie Boys mashup (rehearsal, 2019)

19th Nervous Breakdown (live, Northampton, Mass)

Five Minute Rehearsal Supercut Shitshow

Tom Solo

This Town
Hole In The Sea (demo)

Hot For Teacher (live acoustic)